Thermovision measurement
From the group of special measurements, as an efficient and modern method of testing electrical installations stands out THERMOVISION MEASUREMENT.  
Thermovision measurements of cabinets and machines.
Thermovision measurements are increasingly used in many areas. Thermal imaging is used as a preventive form of maintenance of complete electrical installations by objects, power plants, etc. The thermal imaging camera monitors the emission of infrared radiation from the surface of the body. Detecting areas with higher and lower temperatures , we can detect and locate the problem and prevent failure.
Measurement of ground resistance 
Measurement of ground resistance for various electrical systems, devices and lightning protection systems.
Insulation resistance measurement
By measuring the insulation resistance, the presence of moisture in the insulation is determined. The measurement results must be compared with the results previously performed measurements on the same device or on a device of the same type, in order to assess the state of isolation..
Insulation resistance measurement has three goals:
-Identifying that hasn't damaged insulation
-Determining the isolation state of the machine before connecting the machine to full voltage
-possibility to compare with later isolation tests to gain criteria with changes that may have occurred in isolation, (wetting, aging or damage).
Computer network measurement
Computer networks are of great importance to both companies and individuals.
A series of tests are performed by measuring computer networks:
network line length
cable category determination 
pair testing individually
weakening of the cable route 
various other more complicated tests  
The result of the measurement is a certificate of measurement for each individual connection. All parameters of this measurement are obtained, as well as all errors on the network.
TV signal measurement
 antennas direction
quality of installation
connection points 
polyscope, field meter
Lighting measurement
Accurate illumination measurement 
Measuring the illumination of your workplaces, homes or factories, assisting with the lighting of shop windows, exhibition stands.
Measurement of acoustic parameters
By measuring the acoustic parameters of the room, we evaluate its suitability for the specific purpose and to a large extent define its acoustic qualities.
Laboratory measurement
laboratory measurement on a spectral analyzer 
calibration of receiver and transmitter frequencies 
laboratory calibration of sound boxes
measuring in a deaf room 
adjusting active and passive sound boxes and other electronics