In 1996 a company called "Libra" was founded, two years later we changed our name to "PC Board".

Since 2001. our company performs under the name "JEL SZTR" (JankovićELectronic).

From the end of 2016, due to the volume of work, the company changes its status from SZTR to DOO.

The primary goal from the beginning was to design the device according to the wishes of the customer.

At first, these were small series - to piece, while over time production grew into a serial.

The design of the device is accompanied by the design of printed circuit boards, so we also perform service design of printed PCBs, as well as the production of the same photo process for prototypes and small serial.

In parallel with the design of new and
specific devices, we are developing strong
service. Within the service we perform
reconstruction of existing systems, upgrade
of components with our solutions, etc.

Considering the highly skilled staff with
all the necessary licenses, the company
soon begins to design, expertly supervise
and perform low and high current
installations in investment construction.

In cooperation with clients, the field of activity has expanded in addition to designing to perform installations for CCTV, CATV, SECURITY installations, sound systems, conference and presentation halls, etc.

Since 2011 we have become distributors of the Bazis business program for Serbia.

In addition to our practical and cost-effective solutions, we are able to provide investors with a complete service: consulting, design, professional supervision, delivery of specific equipment, production of electronic equipment, import of equipment, installation and commissioning.
JEL integrations doo
JEL integrations d.o.o.
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