Project assignment:
100V sistem, konferencijski sistem
Implemented solution: 
At the request of the investor, a conference system was designed and installed: desks for SIC-4.1 translators, LOOP microphones with headphones and the JEL audio system . Within the main audio system is a portable rack that houses a 100V amplifier, a power unit for translation and microphone boards.
One translation desk serves two commentators or translators for the same language. Delegated microphones provide listening for two translated channels. The feeder unit feeds all the translation desks with signals and sends output to the modulator or mixer as needed. All boards are interconnected with the UTP / FTP cable, and the whole system runs without batteries, ie. all power supplies are centralized into the rack. 
A 100V speakers were installed in the hall and two active monitoring boxes were delivered to the rack.
Four video cameras were set up in the hall to record the sessions. They also signal to translators, who themselves choose which cameras to watch.
Session recording is via an HD video recorder and both translatable channels and all cameras are recorded.
Video distribution of cameras for signal routing is also housed in rack. 

  All equipment is a product of the domestic company JEL, Belgrade.